About us

Who We Are

Stemming from a dream about a review in a newspaper, August on Sunday has and will be, “a rock and roll experience.” Danny Axel (guitarist and vocalist) recruited the assistance of Rob D. (bassist and vocalist) and Sully (drums), and the three began to craft the foundation of the AOS sound in the summer of 2009. Sadly, after their 2012 album release of Slacker Blues, the band dealt with several personal heartbreaks that left them unsure of their next steps. It wasn’t until the 2016 release of their EP, Rained Out, an East Coast tour with friends, RoyGbiv, and completing the recording of their second full-length album, 33, that the band felt reinvigorated. Luckily for fans and music lovers everywhere, August on Sunday was able to take those moments of heartbreak to craft a careful blend of rock, pop, soul, grunge, punk and jazz.

Since their revival in 2015, August on Sunday has attracted listeners and fans into the AOS family, playing shows at Mercury Lounge, the Bowery Electric, Freddy’s Bar, and the Velvet Lounge (in DC). Other than the much-anticipated release of their second album, August on Sunday is also looking forward to bringing their slacker sophistication to fans across the United States with two upcoming tours for 2017.

What separates August on Sunday from its predecessors and bands to follow is the passion for music, community, and the commitment to bring more love to the masses. With an earnest clarity of a true rock and roll experience, August on Sunday looks forward to you joining them to experience all they have to offer.

Meet The Band

Danny Axel

Guitar and Vocals

Rob D.

Bass and Vocals



Our Latest Tour

The Not From Around Here Tour took place in August 2016. We spent two weeks on the road with our good friends RoyGbiv. It was an awesome experience and we learned so much about each other, bound to happen when you’re spending so much time in a van with 7 dudes.

This was our very first tour and we can’t wait to do it again in May 2017. We met so many amazing people, fans and bands. If you’re on the east coast, stay tuned as we might be coming to your city soon!